Monday, May 16, 2011

Interview Questions

This thread on The Old Coach caught my eye. It's about strange interview questions. Read them here.

I interviewed at the Hutch one time. I don't remember the question the principal asked me, but it had about six F-bombs in it.

I interviewed for the head coaching job at Montgomery, Texas many years ago. The very first question was "Do you group your classes homogeniously or heterogenously"? I knew homo was bad so I answered "heterogenously of course." I thought I had escaped at this time but the second question was "Tell me why?"

"You're home on a saturday night. There's a knock at your door and it's one of our female students. What do you do?"I started laughing b/c I thought he was kidding. He wasn't. Same place, Im talking with an assistant principal while waiting on the principal to bring me in. I was answering everything with "yes sir". Then, as I walked out, I saw that the name plate said Rebecca. I didn't get that job.

I talked to someone who interviewed at Lindsay a few years ago and one of the first questions was "how do you feel about student athletes drinking a little beer"?

A Supt in the metroplex (just opening the school) asked me...if at the end of your fourth year and you have not won a state championship will you gracefully resign? That was his one and only question to all the interviewees.

"What is the HC's role in a pep rally"?

Interviewed at a place about 6 years ago and was told by the AD/HC that he did not allow his coaches to drink. Don't let him find out you bought it, or were out at a bar, even if it was 200 miles from your school. I don't drink, but listening to that I needed a drink after the interview

Supt. asks me what I made in chemistry in college. Told him I did not take chemistry in college and he told me everyone had to take chemistry in college. He then turns to the AD and HS principal and asks them what they made in chemistry and they both told him they did not take chemistry. Had a look of amazement on his face.

My first job
Supt: Are you married?
Me: No sir
Supt: Do you have a girlfriend
Me: No Sir
Supt: Are you a homo?
Me: No sir

How old are you exactly?

So...Whats your 40 time?

Finally, I feel a need to add these words of wisdom THE_BOBO posted on another thread:

Fellas, all these Hens bawlkin and squawkin over teaching advanced placement classes and how hard they have to work is a bunch of BULL BUTTER. I got stuck teaching an AP class this year and it is the easiest thing I have ever had to do. Kiddos do all the work, show up every day,stay actively engaged. Dont buy into it boys..Dont let the Hens hawg up all the AP courses anymore. ITS EASY TO TEACH SMART KIDS

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