Friday, May 06, 2011

If you enjoyed...

...Then Some Other Stuff Happened, you'll love (Naughty word warning!) &#%@ My Students Write:

Michael Angelo painted the roof of the 16th Chapel.

Sex is a factor in teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Sedimentary people stay in one place. They only interact with other sedimentary people.

Most respondents stated that attitudes towards sex changed after the Vietnam and Woodstock wars.

Its not really plagiarism as it was exactly what I was going to write anyway.

Revelation is an event in which God relieves himself.

My story is hysterical fiction because it took place during World War II and could have actually happened.

These statistics are jaw dropping, yet at the same time not at all surprising.

Steinbeck always wrote with a porpoise.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection is also known as survival of the fits.

The main problem with global warming is, that many orgasms will go extinct.

The Octopus of Apathy is spreading its testicles throughout the land.

I’m sorry but can you clarify what you mean by written?

Fieldwork is a way of falsifying researchers work, and therefore anthropology is about critiquing other anthropologists projects.

I felt so guilty because I realized I was aiding in the bedding of a criminal.

Rome went on to conquer other territories and planets.

Like a woman seduces a horny man, Hitler captivated the people of Germany.

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