Friday, February 14, 2014

Title IX Police Descend on Philly

Q.  Why should the Title IX police care that Temple dropped men's baseball, men's crew, men's track, and men's gymnastics?

A.  They don't!

Q.  Then why in the world are they investigating a Title IX complaint at Temple?

A.  Temple dropped a couple of women's sports as well.

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In an e-mail Thursday, men's gymnastics coach Fred Turoff said, "We already share space with our women's team, and it hasn't kept us from success."

Theobald said the issue with men's gymnastics is more about scholarships, but he added that simply doing away with men's scholarships wasn't the solution.

"That's not what we're looking to do as far as an experience for our kids - to use the very limited resources so they can have academic support and facilities and allow you to have a first-class program across the board," he said.

...uh b.s. detector is starting to go off...

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