Thursday, February 06, 2014

Title IX Scam at Radford

First, don't worry about men's swimming at Radford University - it doesn't exist.

The Highlanders have announced they'll dump women's field hockey (18 women), women's swimming (23 women), and men's track (32 men).

They plan to add women's lacrosse.

On the surface, it looks like a Title IX "win" for the women at Radford.

Assuming the new lacrosse team will have a roster of around thirty-five (35) women, they'll see a net gain of twenty-six (26) "opportunities", right?

Stop and think about that for a bit.  Are they really opportunities?

Don't you think that nearly all of the women on the field hockey team get to see actual game action?

Isn't it likely that almost all the women on the swim/dive team get at least an event or two in a meet?

How many women of the thirty or forty on a lacrosse roster actually need their jerseys laundered after a game?

If you guessed around half the team, you get a gold star.

So, Radford is going to jettison around forty women who actually participate in games/ they can add about twenty who'll see action...and around another twenty who'll get to watch it.

Thanks, Title IX!

Y'all managed to actually wipe out twenty net participants while adding twenty non-paying fans.

This is yet another huge loss for women when it comes to actually participating in intercollegiate athletics.

The collateral damage?

It's also going to cost over thirty men their opportunities...

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