Sunday, February 02, 2014

Time to Catch Up!

Some of this stuff is a little old - things I didn't have time to get to until now.  Sorry!  Pretty long post, so here's some listenin' music from Peter, Paul, & Mary:

Info on this year's NISCA convention in Austin is here.

Buy this coffee mug here.  Lego bricks not included.

More pics here.  Bioluminescent plankton put on a great show for us once down at the beach (had a buddy was visiting from NY).  Pretty incredible.

Austin recently made the list of top ten fittest cities.  More here.

Former Horn Jimmy Feigen:

(via Twitter)

FCST's Simone Manuel interviewed at the Austin Grand Prix:

Vincent Van Gogh project:

HAPP Invite

CFB New Year Classic

Cutting high school swimming in one Virginia town would save the school district $29,000.  Doesn't sound like that'll do a whole lot to whittle down their $7 million budget shortfall.  Read more here.

UNT vs. A&M (W)

McMurry vs. Austin (M&W)

Austin vs. Centenary (M&W)

Houston vs. Incarnate Word (W)

LSU/Rice/Tulane/Houston (W)

Austin vs. McMurry (M&W)

UNT vs. SMU (W)

UTPB vs. Southwestern (M&W)

Rice vs. Arkansas (W)

Rice vs. UALR (W)

A&M vs. SMU (M)

Texas vs. Arizona (M&W) Day 1 Day 2

Pacific Lutheran Winter Invite

Colorado College Classic

USA Swimming has an article on Longhorn freshman Jack Conger here.

“So far, so good,” Conger said of his training and season so far this year. “It’s been a hard adjustment for me and really taxing on my body, but I know the uncomfortable condition I’m in now will pay off in the long run.”

The City of Garland needs a swim program supervisor.  Info here.

SHARKS needs a coach.  Info here.

Doesn't SHARKS assistant coach Ahmed H. Soliman look a lot like Nathan Adrian?

Ahmed H Soliman

Coach Ahmed has been involved in swimming since he was 10. He swam in New Jersey and holds 5 team records with his former NJ team. He also swam 4 years in high school. Before coaching, Coach Ahmed was a pool lifeguard for 3 years and a beach lifeguard for a year on the Jersey Shore where he saved two lives. In 2013, he became the head coach at E.A Smith YMCA and an assistant coach in local CCSL summer league. He is currently studying at St Mary’s University, San Antonio, as Biology B.S major.
Syntal Capital Winter Invite

Del Norte #3

MAC Elite

Greater Southwest

South Texas BB Champs (South)



Eddie relaxes before the Non-TCU dual:

Eddie discusses a couple of kids that "are gonna make me famous":

CSCAA Executive Director Joel Shinofield is concerned about the future of college swimming.  Read his Post NCAA Convention Thoughts here.  Thanks for the heads up, DJA!

I believe that at most we have 12 years, the life of this ESPN contract, to build the financial future of our programs. At the end of this contract, I have no doubt that the structure of college athletics will radically change. The larger conferences see autonomy as the mechanism to allow them to adapt to the new financial reality of college athletics and meet the needs of their institutions without having to engage in the current laborious legislative pathway or leave the NCAA. However, it is likely that at the conclusion of the 12 year contract these conferences will choose to separate from the NCAA, because the revenue for the next media deal will be more than sufficient to facilitate independence (especially with the inclusion of basketball).

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