Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Official State Meet Qualifiers (thanks, PH!)

View the official UIL state meet qualifiers lists:

4A Automatic

4A Call-Ups

5A Automatic

5A Call-Ups


Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty slow meet this year. Wow. No fast kids whatsoever, they wouldn't last in california!

Anonymous said...

The person who commented that above mine is an ignorant idiot. How can you say these kids aren't fast? I hate people like that. Just trying to start something probably.

Susan Head said...

WHOOP WHOOP! So proud of my baby Jason head. Only a sophomore and making it to state. Congrats baby, love you lots. xoxo

-Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

RE: 7:00PM Anonymous -- Likely the same person who posted this opinion (with vulgarities) a few days ago and whose comment was subsequently removed by moderator. Just trolling.

Looked at the statistics of Boys 5A 8th call-up times from 2010-2013 compared to this year. Most of the 2014 8th call-up times are well within one standard deviation of the 2010-13 averages, so this year's State field is equally fast as the last 4 years. The exceptions are 100FR and 100BK, where this year's 8th call-ups are significantly faster than the 2010-13 average. So it is much more difficult to make those events this year compared to typical.

Anonymous said...

I believe you made a mistake in your research. I did a thorough run through of the previous top times and it is a much slower meet then ever before. Though the 16th place times may be the same, the top times are a lot slower. Nice try, though, we all really appreciate you giving us false information. The meet is going to be pretty boring to watch this year. Especially in the 50 free... I agree with the top comment.

Kevin Murphy said...

EVERY year is a new year, and just as exciting for the swimmers, coaches and the parents of the competitors!

Sorry for the "9:10 am Anonymous" that YOU will be bored. Stay home and don't watch. Don't waste your time on YOUR research.

We won't be bored! It will be, as it always is, an exciting meet for those of us that are directly involved and committed to the Texas State HS Meet.

The TEAM race can be just as exciting as watching the "stars" do their thing, sometimes even more exciting as all the swimmers show their courage and determination to race and compete for their TEAM.

Kevin Murphy
Head Swim Coach
Southlake Carroll HS

Anonymous said...
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Lion King said...

I don't get the bashing. Would be interesting to know the motivation. Club coach who encourages club-only? Parent of kid who does club-only? California jealousy? Grumpy old man with too much time on his hands and no useful outlet for his energy?

Murphy is right. The meet will be loud, enthusiastic, exciting. Doubt anyone will be sitting in their seats saying, "Tsk-tsk-tsk, I was so hoping these times would be faster. Pitiful. Just pitiful."

Not feelin' the love here, Anonymous.

Hey, Button, it's not coming from that suspect ISP is it??? HAR-HAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Mostly likely some ginger who's stuck in a dark cave also known as bedroom that he hasn't been outside of in 2 years. He's just trolling so next time don't feed his ego and do not respond to his feeble comment

Button said...

not sure who gets on here to trash our texas kids.

we still load up the all-america lists with a lot of kids.

we put our share of kids on national junior teams and have plenty in finals at junior nationals.

we export so many swimmers to out of state collegiate programs that we can't be nearly as bad as they say, right?

one sobering thought, though:

if we're talking about national record holders, we're we're not where we used to be in that category...

Fly guys mom said...

I saw some pretty fast times on the psych sheet... 4A and 5A! Why is there so much dissing of Texas swimming?