Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shocking! Stunning! Outrageous! Believe It or Not!

I know some of y'all will find this absolutely shocking, so brace yourselves:

Some district meet directors still haven't gotten their results/awards in for posting on the TISCA site!

Check out what they've got so far:

District/Region/State results link is here.

State meet awards link is here.

Can ya stand yet another shockin'?

How about a repeat 1-2-3 finish that occurred in the boy's 4A 500 free this year!


Seal (4:28.23), Abbott (4:33.03), Timmons (4:35.62)


Seal (4:25.71), Abbott (4:30.33), Timmons (4:33.23)

Okay, neither was all that shocking, but...just like the tactics used by them folks that "write" fer Yahoo!...and made ya look!

Thanks for the heads up, SA!


shawnabbtt said...

the top photo is 2014, along with faster times; the bottom is 2013.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to 5A boys winner Southlake Carroll. Not sour grapes here but we all noticed how many kids they had on deck that were NOT swimming... aren't there only 10 UIL stamps given out as extras? There were WAY more than that and all over the podiums for both girls and boys.

Anonymous said...

In theory you can get up to 24 extra stamps in at a meet. Then if you save and stockpile your extras, you can re-use every other year.