Saturday, February 01, 2014

Tap the Brakes

(via The Nation)

Northwestern foosballers are talking union. Sorry, fellers, I just don't see that idear gettin' much traction.

One reason is that Title IX'ers won't let it happen. Read more here.

Take the University of Texas, for example. For the 2012-13 reporting year, the University of Texas’ athletics program brought in total revenues of $165,691,486. Of that revenue, $132,765,064 was brought in by men’s sports programs, while $5,603,325 was contributed from women’s sports programs. $27,323,097 of the revenue was not allocated by gender. Given these numbers and seeing how much of Texas’ revenue is driven by each gender, how would union leaders suggest that Texas’ athletics department share that revenue with its student-athletes?

I'm okay with them calling some programs at UT "revenue" sports. That's because some of them actually do take in more than the spend. That's not the case at an overwhelming majority of NCAA institutions.

If schools like Texas, Ohio State, and Michigan won't be able to afford this, who will?

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