Tuesday, January 07, 2014

New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

High school junior and senior brainiacs should apply for TISCA Academic All-State here.

Remember Temple's twisted logic that dumping Olympic sports...would help their Olympic sports?  No?  Catch up here.

In a new article on Inside Higher Ed, we're reminded that Temple's football program - like a huge majority - loses a ton of money.  Read more here.

In “a real base accounting sense,” it’s true that universities like Temple lose money on football, Maxcy said. But what they gain in exposure, advertising, donations and recruiting likely makes up for it.

Still, schools with programs bleeding millions in red ink refer to their foosball teams as "revenue" sports.

Coincidentally, yesterday's Academic Minute on Inside Higher Ed was called Liars and Lying.  Listen here.  Read transcript here.

This relates to a concept called the illusory truth effect – the idea that telling the truth can actually lead to a false memory. A man who repeatedly denies seeing a knife at a crime scene, for example, might actually begin to believe he saw it even if it was never there. It feels familiar to him, and because the repeated denials have slipped from his memory, he ends up thinking it must have happened.

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Hmmm...wonder what "effect" might cause Kevin Clark to actually believe it's the truth if he keeps repeating this lie:

"Reducing the number of sports will mean athletics can invest more into the student-athletes, staff and facilities for the remaining Olympic sports, and offer the best possible learning and competitive environment," Clark said in a statement.

Here's former Horn Dax Hill with a new member of the UT swimming family, NTN's Brett Ringgold:

If you've got swimming news for club, high school, or college swimmers here in the Lone Star State, feel free to pass the info (and pics) along via email.

Twin Lakes Family YMCA in Cedar Park needs an aquatics director.  Info here.

Stanford vs. UT (W)

NOCH Senior

COR Winter Classic

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