Saturday, March 29, 2014

Want the good news, the bad news, or...

...the "not sure where this is headed" news first?

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Good News:

Fresno State is looking into restoring their dumped wrestling program.  Read more here.

Wrestling was dropped at Fresno State in 2006 -- a move that blindsided fans but was explained at the time as a way to keep costs in check and get the university in line with Title IX requirements. Fresno State added women's equestrian, soccer and golf, and also cut men's water polo and soccer.

The possibility that wrestling might be reinstated has perked up the ears of Fresno fans. Dennis DeLiddo, who ran Fresno State's wrestling program from 1981 to his retirement in 2005, was happy to hear the review process is moving forward.

"I've spoken to Dr. Castro and got nothing but positive vibes," he said. "I think we're in good hands with him."

Bad News:

Seems private funds used to improve a high school baseball field were wasted in Plymouth, Michigan.

Since parents didn't kick in more dough to spruce up the girls' softball field, the brainiacs in the Department of Justice are making the high school take down a baseball scoreboard and some seating.  Read more (and watch news report) here.

Gilbert and other parents installed and paid for the new seats themselves. They were put in years ago. The parents also bought a new scoreboard. But now, the bleachers and scoring equipment will be put in storage until the district can afford to make similar improvements to the girls’ field.

Gilbert disagreed with DOJ’s determination.

“I don’t think parents sitting has anything to do with on-field competition,” he said. “I can’t believe we are tearing something down as opposed to building something.”

Not Sure Where This Is Headed News:

Students at Kansas recently voted to eliminate a fee the school collected to fund travel for women's athletics.

The school listened to the students, considered their stance, then went ahead and did whatever they danged well pleased.  Once again, kids have gotten a lesson on adults, power, and politics.  Read more here.

The KU student senate previously voted to cut the fee altogether, but chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, who had the power to veto the senate vote, issued an alternate plan on Thursday.

In a letter to the KU student body president and vice president, Gray-Little said she would lower the Women’s and Non-revenue sports fee from $25 to $7 per semester, while increasing a Student Recreation and Fitness Center fee by $12.

Read more here:

How has the KU athletic department managed to stay in the black in recent years?  By digging deeper into all available pockets, of course!

A practice that began as a small $1.50 fee to help KU comply with Title IX regulations was now funneling more than a million dollars from the KU student body to athletics — some of which was used to pay bonds on the recreation center. According to documents filed to the NCAA, KU athletics had $93 million in revenues in 2013.

Another article on money issues at Kansas is here.  Pretty interesting stuff.

As one might expect, firing coaches can be an expensive decision in the short-run. The payments to Gill and his staff came on the heels of multimillion-dollar settlements with former football coach Mark Mangino and athletic director Lew Perkins in the previous two years.

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Translation:  "We won't fund our men's swimming program, but we can scrape together a few million in hush money."

In total, Kaufman says, KU has spent close to $150 million in improvements for facilities over the last 10 to 15 years, while accruing just $49 million in debt. And officials believe the department is in good financial shape moving forward.

“To put it in context, over the last 11 or 12 years, we’ve been able to improve our athletic facilities, student-support facilities and our office facilities to the tune of $150 to 160 million dollars,” Kaufman said.

“We only have debt of $49 million, so the other two-thirds we’ve been able to fund through operations or fundraising or other revenue sources.”

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Y'all spotted that silver lining, right?  That "we're less'n fitty mill in da hole" one...

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