Thursday, March 13, 2014 Title IX news...

Eastern Wyoming College will dump men's golf.  Read more here.

Dr. Rex Cogdill reported - near the end of the meeting - that the Golf Program will be discontinued after the 2014-2015 academic year.  Board member John Patrick questioned the decision and it was pointed out that it was budgetary and had only been a men's team.  Title IX requirements from the Federal Government could force the creation of a women's team if the program were to continue.

The University of Kansas student senate voted overwhelmingly (55-3) to stop using student fees to fund travel for "women's and non-revenue sports".  Students kick in over a million bucks annually so the university can comply with Title IX.  Read more here.

The school uses the money to pay for travel for women’s and other sports that don’t make money… which, at KU, is everything except men’s basketball.

Representatives from the athletics department says the money is crucial to make sure the school is following federal title ix [sic] regulations, but some student leaders say they shouldn’t have to foot the bill so the university can obey the law.

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