Thursday, March 27, 2014

Help us, Spock!


Yesterday's news that a federal labor official has labeled college foosball players "employees" could become a pretty danged big deal.  Read more here.

While the ruling by Peter Sung Ohr, the Chicago regional director of the NLRB, does not apply to public universities and may ultimately require a Supreme Court decision for resolution, it was nonetheless historic. It officially rejected what many considered the laughable contention that football stars on full scholarship at a big university are just like other students, or as Northwestern argued, the equivalent of graduate teaching assistants who, like football players, get financial aid.

If this becomes the law of the land, Title IX quota backers are in for some serious trouble.

(via wikia)

Foller the logic, guys and gals:

If Bobby Boucher and his "co-workers" are no longer just student/ath-u-leets, they don't count in the Title IX proportionality numbers, right?

Guess that means all those men's programs (swimming, wrestling, gymnastics, etc.) that've been dumped over the years will be coming back, right?


It means that all those women's programs that were added to balance numbers with the 100+ grid guys might now be kicked to the same curb as UCLA men's swimming...

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