Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recappin' & Previewin'

A D-I women's meet recap was on yesterday's MSS:



Top Ten Teams

Georgia (528)
Stanford (402.5)
California (386)
Texas A&M (336)
Southern California (252)
Florida (239)
Tennessee (223)
Arizona (156)
Texas (144)
Minnesota (136.5)

Southern Methodist was 20th with 39 points.

Title IX NoteEvery top-twenty school at the women's NCAA D-I meet has a men's team.  Women-only programs at Miami and UCLA tied for 21st.  Another example of Title IX's quota system hurting both men and women!



Results (M&W)

Top Five Teams (W)

Emory (595.5)
Kenyon (456.5)
Johns Hopkins (387)
Denison (374.5)
Williams (272)

Trinity was 24th with 27 points.

Top Five Teams (M)

Kenyon (480)
Denison (472)
Emory (246.5)
Johns Hopkins (245)
MIT (236)

Trinity was 21st with 42 points.  Sprinter Stephen Culberson took the 100 free (:44.18) for the Tigers.

Very pleased that one of my club kids, Kari Wilkins (El Campo HS/First Colony Swim Team) has committed to Trinity.  She took home the first swimming medal in Ricebird history last month with a third place finish in the 4A 100 breast.

At NCSA Junior Nationals:

Race & Interview Video


Top Five Teams (Combined)

Nation's Capital (2,722)
Dynamo (1,358.5)
Nova of Virginia (838)
SwimAtlanta (648)
Academy Bullets (485)

Top Texas team was The Woodlands (22nd place, 126 points).

Top individual was FCST's Simone Manuel.  She won the 50, 100, & 200 freestyles.


Eddie & Co. preview the men's D-I meet, due to kick off later this week:

They'll have the biggest - and toughest to make - squad at the meet, maxing out with sixteen (16) swimmers and four (4) divers.

Read about TCU's first-time qualifier Cooper Robinson here.

All-session tickets are sold out.  Not sure if you'll be able to get in on a per-session basis.

What about Big Weight Bob?  His 1:35.48 (dropped 4+ seconds in during his time at UT) wasn't quite enough to get him into the big show, but he plans to:

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