Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Denison U Title IX Complaint

Looks like the quota crowd is at it again, fans.  Seems D-III swimming powerhouse Denison University is under fire for failing to limit male participation in collegiate athletics.

Yeah, you read that right.  The Title IX Quota Crowd doesn't think there should be more men participating in athletics than women.  Got that?  In other words, if there are fewer women interested in college sports, we need to bring the men down to those numbers.

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If opportunities were the same for men and women, 90 more women would have played sports in 2013 at Denison, 94 more women in 2012 and 84 in 2011, the complaint states.

Two points:

First,  the writers that "teamed" up on this article (Advocate staff report?  Nobody put their name on it?) went for the standard "opportunities" b.s.

Folks, the opportunities are there.  DU offers twelve (12) sports for women.  The term should have been "participants"...

Second, if this is being done to pressure the university to add more women's sports, we know how that'll turn out, don't we?

If the quota crowd pushes hard enough, could we eventually see a press release from the AD that they're dropping a few men's sports (watch out cross country, track, tennis, and soccer) because of financial issues* and to make their remaining sports more competitive?

Let's hope not!

DU is a member of the North Coast Athletic Conference, one of the top D-III conferences around.  NCAC members offer more opportunities for women than most any conference in the country!  Read more here.

A member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division III, the NCAC features championship competition in 23 sports — 11 for men and 12 for women. The 12 women’s sports are among the most offered by any Division III conference, and the equality in number and emphasis between men’s and women’s athletics is just one of the elements that sets the North Coast apart.

Don't Give In, Denison!!!

*Don't worry about foosball, Big Red fans.  Since that's a "revenue" sport, it's safe.

Y'all remember the definition of a revenue sport, right?  Those are the college sports that - almost everywhere - bring in some money but spend a whole lot more...


Button said...

also, roster caps are often used to bring quota numbers in line. would be a shame if male swimming roster were capped. current rosters show men and women participate in about the same numbers for swim program.

Anonymous said...

WTF, first quotas for scholarship athletics, now for participants who are paying their own way. The political b.s. Has run amok. Neuter everyone and see how long this planet survives. Roster caps like the ones used at UCLA, UH, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, New Mexico, Illinois ..... Men's Swimming roster cap = 0 participants.