Saturday, July 02, 2011

Will Jerry be able to wrestle...

...the 2016 swimming trials away from Omaha?

Don't be surprised if he pushes to host the meet.

The Death Star has already hosted a variety of unusual events, including a few Dallas Cowboy football games.

This week, women's professional bowling was the "hot ticket" in Arlington. All but 74,000 seats were sold for the contest. Read more here.

Bowling took place on two lanes set up on each side of the blue star at the 50-yard line, and was broadcast live on the stadium video board. Roughly 100 fans from Ebonite International, the official sponsor of the event, sat near the right lanes where play was held. A few hundred more sat just in front of the lanes on bleachers. The rest sat in the stands that took up most of the seats in the first two levels on what would be the side of the visiting bench during Cowboys games.

Danny Woodard reported on future events at the stadium. Read his ESPN story here.

Although bowling may be a new spectacle at Cowboys Stadium, the venue has fielded much more than football. It hosted an NCAA men's basketball game between North Carolina and Texas in 2009, and the 2010 NBA All-Star Game there attracted a record crowd of 108,731. Manny Pacqiuao beat both Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito there, drawing 40,000 fans to each bout. More than 82,000 fans watched Mexico defeat Haiti during the 2009 Gold Cup, one of the best-attended soccer matches in the United States. Cowboys Stadium has hosted monster trucks, motocross, bull riding, yoga and even Zumba classes. And Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels said there's talk of swimming, tennis and hockey coming to the venue soon.

Not a single mention of a shooting sport! Has Jones forgotten he's in Texas?

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