Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Trouble in Alabama

If you're looking for a story on their NCAA secondary violations, it's here. Swimming is one of seven (7) Crimson Tide programs that wasn't involved. Good for them!

If you're looking for the Title IX issue their former cheerleading coach has with the school, read the Erin Buzuvis-filtered version here.

Debbie Greenwell was the head cheerleading coach at the University of Alabama for more than 24 years, until, she alleges, she was terminated from her position in a dramatic fashion in response to her advocacy for equal treatment for her student-athletes. She has recently filed a lawsuit in federal court, challenging the university's conduct as discrimination and retaliation in violation of the Equal Pay Act and Title IX.

We'll have to wait and see whether such additional factual allegations are forthcoming, or whether their omission is enough to warrant dismissal of her case.

That was posted yesterday. Two days earlier, a very different news story had been written on the matter. Read it here.

TUSCALOOSA A former University of Alabama cheerleading coach who recently filed a federal lawsuit against the school was arrested Friday and charged with first-degree theft of property and using her position for personal gain.

The charges stem from Greenwell’s tenure at UA and her handling of money generated by her annual cheerleading camp, a camp which also is at issue in Greenwell’s civil action against UA.

We'll have to wait and see? Wow!

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