Tuesday, July 12, 2011


...the destroyer:

Use Step Where? Routes for your walks, runs, bike rides, and even open water swims can be mapped out there. If you've ever gone for an open water swim and wondered how far you actually went, it's a great tool. Thanks for the heads up, DJA!

Follow GWG on Twitter for updates on the Shanghai World Championships trip here.

Garrett and Kathleen Hersey looked great in their swims before the trip. Check out Senior Circuit Champs results here.

While he didn't quite get the cuts he was hoping for, Bobby had some excellent swims. He's really committed to the sport. Not bad for a kid with just :27 seconds of TAGS experience, right? Can't say enough about the team and coaches down there in Austin.

Got in a couple of swims at Deep Eddy last weekend. Cool, clear water was a very nice change. Never been? You don't know what you're missing! Check out a video here. Pic is an oldie via The Portal to Texas.

Back in the 80's, about one in nine high school swimmers continued their careers in college. Now, that number's around just one in fifteen.

No, it's not due to a lack of interest. Swimming at the club and high school levels is booming. These kids want to keep swimming.

The problem is the lack of opportunities. Program cuts and roster caps mean many of our kids will miss out on the college swimming experience. Thanks for the heads up, BG!

The Aggies have hired former Longhorn standout Tanica Jamison to assist Steve Bultman with the women's team. Read more here.

Read Cheers for Title IX, boos for lawsuit here.

Title IX true believers will tell you if schools made the effort, equal numbers of girls and boys would be participating. First of all, that ignores the football factor, but beyond that it doesn't pass the culture test. Whether the hardliners will admit it or not, sports appeal to a greater percentage of males than females. Statistics across the board back that up.


Anonymous said...

Finally just read Title IX in its entirety. Not sure how it has been so misconstrued over the years. The word "sports" is not even mentioned - it just indicates programs or activities. So maybe school districts need to begin to define programs and activities such that cheerleading/dance are included since the courts say they are not sports.

NOTE: Idaho was just slapped with the same lawsuits as Oregon. Just what our school districts need, "let's spend more money on lawsuits so that we can't afford to teach our kids Spanish or Algebra"

Button said...

the trouble began when they began using a quota system.

using their logic, men are underrepresented in college nursing programs, right? women are underrepresented in physics, too.

both should fall under title ix, since colleges take federal money, right?

what if we put caps on the percentage of women that could study nursing? how about elementary education?

they'd both be wiped out.

proportionality doesn't take into account that men and women don't always have the same interests.

it's a lousy way to enforce title ix. as long as we're offering ample opportunties for both genders, why does it have to turn into a math exercise?