Saturday, July 30, 2011


Time to take on the Title IX Blog. Open debate? Exchange of ideas? Nope, it's not there! Read about it here.

When anyone asks me what our adversaries are like in the Title IX reform debate, I always tell them to take a close look at the Title IX Blog. The critical difference there: the authors don't allow any outsiders to leave comments on their blog posts. It's almost as if they're afraid of free and open debate about the law and the damage it's doing at colleges and high schools around the country.

Another site that's spouting misinformation is Chicago's Fair Shot. Seems these sites aren't afraid to show how out of touch their writers truly are. Title IX reformers are for equal opportunities for all.

Swimming is a shining example of gender equity, right?

Title IX has worked not only to protect female students but males as well. The law helps to demonstrate that America is committed to seeking equality in education.

How about it, guys? Did the Kutztown men's swimmers benefit from all that Title IX protection?

Lawyers keep pushing gender quotas as a measure of Title IX compliance. They push proportionality, even though they're well aware that it's a flawed, unfair concept.

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It's all about time for us, right? Start workout on time, get your time, leave on time, swim a best time, etc. Check out the trailer for In Time here. It's due out in late October.

The Ivy League will try to reduce concussions this year by limiting full-contact in football practices. Read more here.

Fitter and Faster - featuring Lacey Nymeyer and Peter Vanderkaay - is coming to North Texas. Info on the October 1 clinic at Southlake Carroll is here. Early athlete registration is just $55. Coaches and parents attend for free.

South Central Zone Masters Championships

MAC B & Under Champs

TWST Summer A Champs

FCST Summer A Champs



Palo Alto BB Champs

Brownsville BB Champs

What's Aaron Peirsol been up to? Swimming World interview from Shanghai:

Times Higher Education has an annual "exam howlers" contest. Winners are to be announced next week. Read more here.

But after reading the statement that "American power is based on superheroes", Jason Dittmer, lecturer in human geography at University College London, lamented: "I clearly need to teach this material better."

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