Tuesday, July 05, 2011

In other news,...

...it looks like 2008 Olympian Scott Spann is hanging up the Speedo. Spann is to be replaced on the Shanghai roster by Elliot Keefer. Read more here. Spann was Unattached at Santa Clara last month.

2004 Olympian Rhi Jeffrey is training in N.Z. Results in the recent Aukland Winter Champs (SCM) are here.

Timeline for S.C. #4 is here.

The 2011 Senior Summer Games are history. Swimming events were held at U of H. Read more here.

Reagan's Alexa Morris is headed for A&M. Read more here.

Time for a Title IX update:

Schools on the receiving end of the Title IX billy club don't know what hit 'em. They're learning it's not about opportunities. No, it's really about using proportionality to shake down public schools. Don't say I didn't warn you. Read more here.

The Newport News Times reports that the nearly 600-page complaint is over two months old and the school district had not heard of it until a reporter inquired.

The complaint noted that in 2006 Taft and Newport had a 7 percent gap between the number and girl and boy athletes, and that the Schools were padding their numbers by counting cheerleading as a sport.

The school district counters that they do not use cheerleading in their assessment of athletic programs and that they are in compliance.

The Department of Education has not named the filer of the complaint.

It's so nice that lawyers are helping high school kids get an early education on what Title IX has become. Now, they don't have to wait until college...

A guy with some common sense - Craig Cervantes - gets the last word:

Low participation in sports by girls is not discrimination

More boys participate in sports in high school than girls in the U.S. and Oregon. This is a fact.

After reading the June 30 article regarding 60 schools in Oregon not being in compliance with Title IX, I was scratching my head. What does the Office of Civil Rights expect these high schools to do? Have the coaches walk the halls and force girls to go out for sports?

After looking at the participation numbers for both genders of 10 of the 11 local high schools, it's a simple fact: Boys participate in more sports. It's just the way it is. To say discrimination is evident is ridiculous, and the local athletic directors would agree with me.

The girls in high school, and especially the women in college, have had a lot of sports opportunities offered to them since 1972. I think this is great and very fair. But if the Department of Education and the Office of Civil Rights want to observe actual discrimination, they can see that almost 400 college wrestling programs have been eliminated nationwide since Title IX in 1972.

Now here's a complaint worth voicing that needs to be changed for our young men.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the psych sheet for SC #4? http://www.utexas.edu/longhornaquatics/meets/documents/tscpsychl.pdf

why is the sectional cut the same for 50 back as it is for 100 back?

Button said...

thanks for the heads up on the psych sheet.

there aren't going to be 50's of stroke at sectionals.

entrants were told to enter 100's as qualifying times for 50's of stroke at this meet.

SZ said...

Last night espn did a segment on the world cup women's soccer team from 1999 and mentioned how Title IX was a huge help to get those girls to even play and how the same laws are what are helping women's soccer across the US. You may want to see if you can find it.