Monday, February 20, 2012

Region Meet Questions

It's time for the other side of the region entry story. Not up on that one? Catch up here.

The rationale for allowing the competitor at a region meet to swim in what appeared to be a fifth event can be found in NFHS Rule 3.2.2. This rule allows a competitor to be scratched - without penalty - from an event in case of illness/injury.

Many of us disagree with the way this was interpreted. The UIL has let the ruling stand.

While an athlete in this situation should not be penalized as a no-show (which would DQ him/her from the rest of his/her events), he/she was entered in the event and it should still count as a swim!

This interpretation opens up a HUGE can of worms. Think of the possibilities, folks!!

The National Federation rule book should be updated to contain a situation that describes the scenario.

Any of you younger coaches want to submit your first rule change? How about asking that 3.2.2 Situation F be added?

Take any wiggle-room out of 3.2.2 and tell officials if this interpretation was "legal" or "illegal"!


Anonymous said...

Different topic - sorry - but did you see the DMN article about the three girl swimmers from Plano? So glad to see swimming on the front of the sports section! Those girls make us all proud (and I don't even know them).

Anonymous said...

Clearly the UIL does not understand what this means to swimming in the future. Let the game playing begin!!!!

Lion King said...

I will pass this on to the NISCA Rules Chair, who will be attending the NFHS Rules Meeting after Mens D-I NCAAs March 22-24 in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Who interpreted that rule? The answer is so obviously wrong.

Anonymous said...

Says something about TX swimming/UIL. Maryland takes away a conference championship and suspends the coach from regionals for a shaving incident.

UIL accepts entries from a team that uses questionable-at-best tactics during the regional meet. The meet host delays posting results, and now these guys have a chance for some hardware.

If the team in question is on your schedule next year, go ahead and take them off to make a point.

Button said...

another source that was at the meet confirms that 'scratching' swimmers - well after the entry deadline - occurred.

in 2010, coaches were trying to do this in our 4a region. the psych sheet came out the day after the entry deadline. coaches then began sending in their 'corrections' to the meet director's secretary.

she made the 'corrections' (which were usually to scratch a kid from his/her second individual event) and sent out 'new' psych sheets.

after a couple of days of this garbage, i hit 'reply to all', pointed out that the changes in the psych sheet were all illegal, and reminded everyone that the original psych sheet should be the only psych sheet.

meet director agreed and did not allow for kids entered in two individual events to swim three relays.

of course the cheaters were mad for being called out.

think it bothered me?

heck no!

tough noogies!!

Deer Slayer said...

There is no problem with scratching a swimmer from their second individual event to swim three relays when moving from District to Regionals. BUT that needs to happen before the entry deadline. The 7th place swimmers team is notified and they are entered to swim. That is called good coaching. Under no circumstances should that be allowed after the entry deadline, that is called cheating.

Deer Slayer said...

There was no coaches meeting where it was decided to withhold posting the results. I talked with a couple of coaches who were there. The withholding of the results was a meet host's decision. solo