Sunday, February 26, 2012

Big XII Wrap-Up

Event results are here.

Pic above is Longhorn senior Neil Caskey after winning the 200 fly (1:45.66).

Officials felt that Caskey's lead at the 150 (nearly two seconds) was unfair to other competitors, so he was required to tow an anvil for the remainder of the race.

Absolutely one of the gutsiest swims I've ever seen - way to get it to the wall, Neil!

Team Scores:


1,019 - Texas A&M
873 - Texas
630 - Missouri
423 - Kansas
328 - Iowa State


1014.5 - Texas
822 - Texas A&M
750.5 - Missouri

Individual Awards:


Newcomer - Shara Stafford (Kansas)
Diver - Janie Potvin (A&M)
Swimmer - Breeja Larson (A&M)
Dive Coach - Jay Lerew (A&M)
Swim Coach - Steve Bultman (A&M)


Newcomer - Kip Darmody (Texas)
Diver - Drew Livingston (Texas)
Swimmer - Nick D'Innocenzo (Texas)
Dive Coach - Matt Scoggin (Texas)
Swim Coach - Eddie Reese (Texas)

Bobby after his first ever "B" cut (200 free - 1:37.73):

Posted best times each night - way to go, Bobby!


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Deer Slayer said...

ATAWAYTOGO !!!!! 1st B cut is awesome. I remember a meet you brought Leon and Bobby to not that long ago. You should be proud as a parent and coach. Ya make the rest of us proud.

Button said...

that meet where they were both going for the $100 bonus for breaking a minute? in the 100 scy free? and neither quite got it? yeah, they sure have come a long way. hanging in there and working day after day, month after month - with no guarantees - is what makes our sport the toughest and best. talk about prepping for life...