Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Logic 101

Great sports like gymnastics, swimming, track, and wrestling are often victims of "budget cuts".

On the surface, it might only seem right that these "non-revenue" sports should be the first to go, right?

Stop and think about that for a minute or two.

Get all "Spock-ish" for me, if you will.

The "revenue" sports should be safe, you say? Ever look at the numbers?

Didn't you know there are only a handful of so-called revenue sports - at only a handful of schools - that even break even?

So, there really aren't any "revenue" sports, are there?

When someone refers to swimming as a "non-revenue" sport, holler:

"THAT'S BULLCORN!!! If'n we ain't got no rev-new sports, ya gots ta call 'em all non-rev-new, dummy!"

Okay, calm down now. Enough with the emotion - let's get back to logic.

Examine the sports that are usually on the chopping block when money's tight. Gymnastics, swimming, track, and wrestling certainly get the ax most often, right?

Wait a minute - it's usually men's gymnastics, men's swimming, men's track, and men's wrestling, right?

What a danged coincidence!!

The bottom line is this:

It's not a money issue - as administrators want you to believe - that's taking men's sports like gymnastics down the road toward extinction.

No, it's really a Title IX issue when we see these sports go bye-bye...

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