Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is discrimination okay...

...if you're given advanced notice?

You'd be outraged if the apartment ad read "Ready for move-in! No ___'s allowed!"

A job listing that said "Immediate opening! ___'s need not apply!" would make the blood boil, wouldn't it?

How about this one? Boys wanting to play pee wee basketball in Pittsburgh are being told up front:

If the girls' league doesn't make, the boys won't play either.

Don't believe it? Read more here.

Now, K-5 boys and girls will be split as the district revamps its program to remedy years of "Title IX equity issues," or unequal opportunities for girls.

But there's a twist.

If a school can't field enough players for both a boys' and a girls' team, neither team will be allowed to compete in the eight-game season that begins in January.

The district says the new rule is intended to force schools to make more vigorous efforts to recruit girls and offer equal opportunities.

One person familiar with Title IX issues says the all-or-nothing approach could potentially limit opportunities and do the opposite of the federal law's intention to provide gender equality.

That's right, Johnny - you're in line to be punished for something you had nothing to do with.

We know you're only six years old, buddy, but we're through sheltering you.

Welcome to the real world, pal!

Unfortunately, this is exactly what many Title IX radicals are all about.

They don't really care about equal opportunities - our country's on the right track there.

No, what they want is revenge. Not up to speed on the revenge thing? Below are links to some older posts on the topic.

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