Monday, March 15, 2010

The "R" Word is Back

For some folks, it's all about REVENGE!

Take the opening line of one comment posted on Lax Feels Our Pain:

So, how does it feel to be discriminated against, boys?

Ummmm...not so good. Is your desire for revenge the real issue here?


This generation hasn't lived in the pre-Title IX world. They're going off to college thinking they'll have equal opportunities in life. Young women find that to be the case, while young men are getting a rude wake-up call.

Girls on my teams have always had the same opportunities as the boys. Same pool, same equipment, same budget, same travel, same coaching...same everything! If you look around, this is not the exception, but the rule. Our sport is one of the most gender-equitable around.

Two wonderful nuggets:

Title IX is not to blame. America's obsession and priority for football, basketball, and baseball is the reason boys in other sports don't get the funding they want/need.


Instead of harping on Title IX, take off the gloves and go after the real's football. They have scarfed away scholarships from men's 'minor' sports for decades. No rocket science needed to figure that one out.

Sounds like someone needs to enroll in Logic 101.

Anonymous, where do you think the money to pay for pseudo-sports like sand volleyball comes from? Do you think it's from all that equestrian revenue?

In case you're wondering, I didn't plant these comments. It might be useful to post highly illogical and vengeful comments to make Title IX activists look bad, but there's no need to go to all that trouble. I simply post a piece on the facts of the matter, and they come in with their tirades that help make the case for me.

The Title IX quota crowd is hoping to have it both ways. They demand proportionality based on undergrad population numbers, not on undergrad population interests. As undergrad numbers start to even out, they'll go berserk if women's sports are cut to maintain the quota system they themselves have set up.

The budget crunch group says it's just an insurmountable budget problem when men's sports are cut, but can't wait to line up the lawyers when money troubles mean a women's sport feels the budget ax.

Finally, the revenge folks say it's only fair that today's young males should feel the pain yesterday's young females felt. They don't want equality, they want "justice".

These groups seem to have no problem with universities fielding half a swim team, half a lacrosse team, half a tennis team, etc.

It's supposed to be all about equality, right?

What a bunch of hypocrites!

Today's young women aren't buying into the revenge thing. They understand what a joke the quota system is. They know what's really happening when men's swimming gets cut and administrators cite money problems.

They're doubting the garbage Title IX extremists have been spouting. They're standing up to the radicals that are intent on turning college swimming into a "ladies only" club.

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