Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mega-Monster-Super-Duper-All-In-One Post

That was some build-up, wasn't it? Talk about pressure - never should have added that "duper"...

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it's no match for a 300 pound lineman. Read more here.

This part's priceless:

According to Bone’s police report, Athletic Director Carlton Cooper said the football team could not have stolen the papers without the aid of outside help.

“I don’t think they are smart enough to do this on their own,” he said.

Give me some news I can use...

Lyrics here.

Real time results for this week's Sectional meet at A&M will be here.

Border Short Course Champs

KATY 12 & Under Spring Champs and Time Trials

PACK 12 & Under Spring Champs and Time Trials

TRS BB Champs

AAAA C Champs

Kevin Murphy makes some good points on the subject of relays on the state meet results post here. I wasn't at the 5A meet, so I didn't see the swim in question. I'll post a link to the video once I get it.

See the latest CSCAA D-I polls at College Swimming here.

Psych sheet for the Austin Grand Prix is here.

This too shall pass:

via Geekologie

Sexism? In the Olympics? Read more here. It's too bad they won't let the women swim the mile in 2012...

Read Female Athletes Don't Need Title IX here.

Read Title IX a great success story here.

We know the 2012 Olympic Trials will be held in Omaha. Guess who wants to host the 2016 Trials? Hint: He's at home in the Death Star and his name isn't Darth Vader. Read more here.

...so I fixed up the basement...

Okay, you knew it was coming. Here's a video Don S. shot at this year's state meet. 1:39.81 in the 200 free for a new 4A record. This was such a tough field, it was going to take a state record to win this year. Junior was 5th at the 50, but managed to storm back for the win. Credit a very tough, hard-working swimmer and a very tough, hard-working club coach in Cody Huckabay.

Bobby was later named the Lanny Landtroop 4A Swimmer of the Year.


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Nice job. Congrats all around, swimmer, he's just so talkative, dad, he's just so reserved and quiet, and coach, he's a just a good coach. Nice to watch from back when the boys didn't break a minute in the 100 at my meet, but the fishing was good.