Sunday, February 28, 2010

Texas High School State Results


Noticing many of you Googlers being sent here for state meet results. The 2012 Real Time UIL state meet results are here.


Still seeing traffic to this old post.  Link with real time 2013 state meet results is here.

Tech suits? We don't need no stinkin' tech suits!!

Fast swims in both the 4A and 5A meets, even without the double-layered BlueSeventy (a.k.a. the BlueOne-Forty):

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Lion King said...

The 5A events seem to be incomplete, no 100 back (g or b) for finals). Any ideas or other sources?

texasrocks said...

kudos to the SLC team they came to regionals delivered and came to state and delivered again. Great coaching, great preparation, great spirit great club/HS cooperation and we are talking multiple clubs. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

texasrocks said...

button jr - great swim in the 200 new record way to go - good luck in college looking forward to watching you get faster

Button, Sr. said...

5a events showed up for me. check again and let me know.

girls' back won by moldenhauer in :53.45. boys' back won by edwards in :48.95.

too bad carroll relay missed out on finals swim. their boys and girls had a great season.

junior has stuck with cody's plan for nearly two years. both have put in a lot of effort to make that swim possible. pretty cool to see it come together like that.

xnluswimr said...

where's the tribute to bobby button article for winning the 200 and being 4a swimmer of the meet? I know if Ryan Lochte got his own articles, Button Jr better have a couple... it's ok to brag on your own kid.

Button, Sr. said...

"where's the tribute to bobby button article for winning the 200 and being 4a swimmer of the meet?"

oh, you know it's on the way...

murphyk said...

#1 Congratulations to the Kingwood Girls and Coach Duin for their Texas 5A State Championship in Girl's Swimming & Diving.
Congratualtions to the Woodlands Boys, especially Knox Hitt, (100 back from lane 8 in consols put the nail in the coffin for southlake Carroll) and Coach Kirchner for their Texas 5A State Championship in Boy's Swimming & Diving.

A job well done!

The TRUTH of Southlake Carroll's DQ in the Girl's 400 free relay in prelims:

Prelims, HT 2, Ln 6, Girls 5A 400 free relay:
Kingwood and Southlake Carroll are stroke for stroke to the finish of the 300, almost identical touches.
*one foot distance seperated the touches, .2 of a second, maximum.

HUKI's 300 time(touchpad) 2:38.02
SOCA's 300 time(touchpad) 2:38.79
(.77 of a second, or one full body length, according to the "infallible" touch pad!)

Southlake Carroll was disqualified, by the "machine" -.03, with no human (dual)confirmation.

Note: Of 17 other Prelim relay exchanges, by Southlake Carroll, having been instructed by the Coach, to use "safe starts", every single one of those 17 exchanges was between .3 and .5
The last swimmer on this 400 free relay, to whom the false start was assigned, was swimming in her 4th Texas State Meet, had never false started before, and was following her Coach's directions to a "T". A four-time HS All-American, swimming in Prelims on a relay dominating the heat, side by side with Kingwood.
No danger of not making the Top 8 in Finals. In fact, the relay time, if it was allowed, would have put the Southlake Team as the #2 seed in Finals, just behind Kingwood.

Team video, soon to be on U-Tube, will show the entire relay, along with the relay exchange in question. Take a look and see if you, as a coach, or a parent, or a swimmer, would like to see your relay, next year, DQ'd in a similar manner.

NCAA protocol was used, that says the "machine" rules from -.09 to +.09, but the NCAA recognizes the possibility of pad malfunction at the end of each of the the first three legs, and, therefore allows for pre-set video, in Championship Meets, at the finish end, for all relay exchanges, in case of a dispute, within the -.09 to +.09 band.

With no video back-up at the Texas State Meet, every HS swim program at the Texas State Meet risks a relay exchange result similar to that of Southlake Carroll. Maybe other teams, this year, were disqualified in the same manner, relying 100% on the "machine", within the designated range of -.09 to +.09

Let's see if we, as a swimming community, can effect a change at future Texas HS State Meets to protect the efforts of our swimmers as they strive to perform to the very best of their ability on a level playing field.

Injustice thrives when men say nothing. The outcome of the meet cannot be changed, but the future credibility of the Texas State HS Meet depends on a correction of our protocol, to accept the possibility of equipment malfunction.

Kevin Murphy
Head Swim Coach
Southlake Carroll HS