Thursday, December 08, 2011

Is this a Title IX issue...

...or an abusive sports dad issue?

Judge for yourself. Read Parents suing school system.

Barbour was told the meeting was not necessary, according the suit. He was told that his daughters could play softball if he signed an agreement restricting him from attending any softball games in which his daughters participated. He did not sign the agreement.

So, the school offers a softball program? They're okay with the girls playing? They just don't want dad anywhere near the games? How is that a Title IX issue?

The suit asks the 27th Judicial District Court to prohibit school officials from preventing Shelbi and Erin Barbour from participating in dual athletics, sports groups, clubs or organizations.

It also asks that the officials be found in violation of Title IX, and that the Barbours be granted monetary damages.

Now I get it: Dad gets thrown out of softball games for behaving like a jackass and wants to be compensated under Title IX...

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