Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Questions, questions, questions...

In 1984, Randy Reese's Florida Gators won their second straight NCAA men's team title - putting him ahead of brother Eddie, 2-1.

Since then, it's been all Eddie (now up 14-2).

Will his guys make it 15-2 this year?

Swimming World scoring projection doesn't look good...but that's just based on psych sheet.  More here

At men's NCAA's in Austin later this month, Chuck Warner and Dana Abbott will be signing their book "EDDIE REESE:  Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life".

Which Longhorn greats will be joining Warner & Abbott?

I'm guessing a few are Olympic medalists who were mentioned in the book...

The college admissions scandal involving coaches is shameful.

We know coaches/programs at many schools are able to use waivers to admit student-athletes that may have missed a deadline, not scored quite high enough in their SAT/ACT, etc.

It's an important tool.

Jackass coaches accepting bribes and using those waivers to help non-athletes gain admission is disgusting.

Will any of them ever be allowed to coach at NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA institutions again?

I sure as heck hope not!

Learn more about the coaches involved here.  I hope this isn't just the tip of the iceberg!

The last question is related to the first two:

Did mom love Eddie, or Randy, best?

Guess y'all will have to read the it here

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