Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Leon & Kari Tie the Knot

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Went down to the Big Bend for a few days.  Leon got married!

Ceremony was in the St. Agnes Church in Terlingua.  More info here

In case y'all are interested, contact the preacher here

Pretty cool - barn swallows flew around and sang along.

We took over about half the Starlight Theatre for the reception.  Menu included chicken-fried antelope.

Bride and groom had a drink with The Honorable Clay Henry, former mayor of Lajitas.

More on Mayor Henry here

I never actually witnessed Clay Henry “drink” a beer. I did see him slam them, guzzle them and ferociously ingest them at a rate capable of incapacitating a full-grown man in minutes. To see it in person was nothing short of incredible.

Above is a not-so-great picture of some "artwork" at the Starlight.

It didn't have a title, but I'd have called it "Cyclops of the Public Cement Pond" as it was an underwater pool light with a bunch of other crap stuck to it.

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