Sunday, March 17, 2019

D-U-M Dumb!

Tap the brakes!

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Nancy Pelosi claims we should lower the voting age to sixteen.

How in the world can our nanny-state justify such a thing?  The fools running our states (and country) can't come close to figuring out when a young person becomes an adult.

In my opinion, some choices* an "adult" should be able to make include:

a) buying a car/motorcycle,
b) drinking alcohol,
c) using tobacco products,
d) joining the military,
e) quitting school,
f) getting married,
g) getting a tattoo/piercing,
h) voting/running for elected office,
i) opening a bank account,
j) owning property/houses,
k) buying fireworks,
l) legally changing your name,**
m) driving at night, and
n) gambling.

I mean, if you're mature enough to go to college, shouldn't you be able to gamble away your Christmas training per diem?

Some Twitter-ers posted their thoughts on lowering the voting age to sixteen by sharing some of the things they were thinking/doing at that age.

I'll list a few (from here) as written***:

I ate a dog turd on a dare when I was 16

When I was 16 I stapled my arm for 5 bucks...more than once.  Since then I've wisened up and my price gone up to 15.

When I was 16, I sucked a drinking glass to my face for 10 minutes and gave my lower face a giant hickey that took 3 weeks to heal

When I was 16 my friends and I were rolling dice to see who had to put peanut butter on their feet and let the dogs lick it off.
When I was 16 I wore parachute pants

When I was 16 I listened to Lincoln Park and owned a pair of cargo shorts

When I was 16, I drank a cup of popcorn oil for $10.00 and belly flopped off the 3-meter high dive for a soda.

When I was 16 I liked Obama only because "he talks nice and seems cool"

When I was sixteen I made $20 taking a shot of dial handsoap.

When I was 16 I would have given anything to be able to have a tattoo of Axl Rose's face on my butt cheek

When I was 16 I thought jumping off 421 Bridge into the lake was an outstanding idea (it was not)
When I was 16 I drove west for 3000 miles because Jim Morrison said the west is the best.  I'm not sure 18 is old enough to vote.

I was still ding dong ditching people at 16 years old.

When I was 16 me and my friends went into PetSmart and bought a bunch of live mice and then let them loose in Kroger

When I was 16 I pierced my own belly button with a thumbtack and was genuinely surprised when it got infected

At 16 I was still getting grounded

When I was 16 I stuck my bare butt out the bus window on a win a jolly rancher.  Then did it again in front of some parents.  Double or nothing.

When I was 16 I went to the staff parking lot of my high school and rearranged the teachers license plates.

When I was 16 I accidentally set my own hair on fire

When I was 16, I thought Vanilla Ice was an innovator.

When I was 16 my friends and I put nair all over our chests and it gave us chemical burns, then my cousin bit into a chlorine tablet 16 year olds should not be voting


*Not saying they're all good choices

**I'm thinking about making the switch to "Beto"

***If you're looking to waste even more time here, you might be able to find one (1) I threw in from personal experience

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