Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simone Manuel

via Daily Mail

Phil Whitten wrote on the significance of Sugar Land's Simone Manuel's Rio performance here

via OpenWaterSwimming
Austin's Sandy Neilson-Bell commented on the Manuel's historic 100 free: 

“Who would have imagined that 44 years and 13 Olympiads would pass before another American female sprinter would stand proudly atop the Olympic podium?” asked Neilson. Now Sandra Neilson-Bell, the 1972 gold medalist said she was thrilled with Manuel’s victory in Rio.

 “She is a classy young woman,” Neilson-Bell said. “I’m especially impressed with her modesty about her achievements. I believe Simone would be a superb spokesperson for our sport, not only for the African-American community, but for all Americans. After all, what parent would not like to have a daughter like Simone?”


Deer Slayer said...

Didn't Nancy Hogshead and Carrie Steinseifer tie for first at the 1984 games in the 100 meter free. My math may not be as good as it used to be, but I'm thinking that is 32 years, not 44. Just sayin.

Button said...

they're saying first time in non-boycott years.

thank you jimmy carter...screwed up two olympiads.

reagan knew how to deal with the u.s.s.r. and it was through strength, not weakness.