Saturday, August 06, 2016

Just No Kitchen Sink


Rio '16 links:

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High school coaches can take care of TISCA membership here.  Austin clinic info:

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Junior Nationals (next week)

Eliza Cummings will attempt a 20 mile crossing of Cape Cod Bay tomorrow.  Her blog (read at least the last few posts) is here

  1. Remember how easy it is
  2. Honor how hard it is

The first part is about remembering that at the end of the day it is just swimming. It is just stroke by stroke, kick by kick, moving through water—something that I have done since I was a child and something that I have been intensely training at for months/years. Compared to all the training and preparation I have done, the swim itself is easy. It is moving from point A to point B and then it is done. Easy.

The second part is about not dismissing the incredible feat of the crossing and training that I have already completed. It is also about recognizing that it is hard—it is a mental and physical challenge that at times will make me want to say “I don’t want to do this anymore.” BUT, I will honor the struggle of the swim and move through it, appreciating it for what it is but not letting myself become overwhelmed by the difficulty.

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Eliza Cummings Facebook

Like a challenge?  Start training for the tenth annual Highland Lakes Challenge in October.  Five lakes in five days.  I've done two ('07 & '11) and am considering trying a third.  Info is here

Lake Travis HS just re-posted their opening for a head swim coach

via Swimming World

Rice University is hosting a Mutual of Omaha Breakout Clinic on the 11th with San Antonio's Josh Davis.  Info is here

Clare got to experience a little of Mt. Moosilauke last month.  Found a short video someone shot of one of the many steep parts.  Probably shouldn't take Rover:


Lion King said...

Re TISCA registration: I thought it was TAPPS, not TAAPS. Did something else change and slip by me? I just found out you don't have to touch the wall with your hand for backstroke turns. When did that happen? And this new "butterfly" stroke???

Lion King said...

I hereby register my dissatisfaction with using TeamUnify for TISCA website, registration, everything. Do not like it, never have. Rant over.

completelyconquered said...

TeamUnify just got bought out as well. I'm sure it'll get much easier to use (/sarcasm).