Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pre-Christmas Update

Enjoy any or all of seventy minutes with The Pretenders:

The City of Lakeway needs an aquatic facility coordinator

Yesterday's CSCAA D-II (M&W) poll is here.

NITRO was the only Texas program to achieve "Gold Medal Club" status.  There were plenty that made it onto the Silver and Bronze lists.  View all here.

Incarnate Word Christmas Invite

Burnet 5A & Under Invite

Gulf Age Group Champs

Brownsville City Meet

Northside Invite (South Pool)

Northside Invite (North Pool)

CBA Thursday Night at the Races

King Marlin Pro-Am

American Energy Pro-Am

Burnet TISCA


Tentative start date for the AT thru-hike is February 7.  That's just forty-five (45) days away!  Shopping list has been whittled down quite a bit.  Still need to pick up some clothes (socks, soft-shell jacket, gloves, pants, etc.), stuff sacks, bear bag, etc.  A couple more trips to REI ought to do it.

I'm torn between planning too much and not enough.  Sure don't want to feel the need to be in any given spot by any specific date, but there is a need to have at least some idea of when/where I'll re-supply and pick up mail drops.  Also want to have this wrapped up in time to return to the workforce in the fall.

Once on the trail, I'll update both the official trail journal (starts here) and the hike blog (here) as often as possible. We'll see how it all works out.  If uploading pics and vids takes too much time/effort, it might just end up being text.

Am often asked "Why?"  There isn't a simple answer.  Maybe it's just a desire to see lots of stars and hear plenty of birds...without having been hit on the head first...

Our tenth season of Texas Swimming fantasy foosball came to an end with yours truly on top of the fourteen-team league.  Four of the top five this year are Bay City guys.  Blake Holden was third, Bobby was fourth, and Keith Hill was fifth.

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