Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A Little News?

Starting it off with a little quiz.  Before checking the links, can you guess Who Wears These Shoes?:

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In local news, Matagorda County was soundly defeated in the recent Water Wars.  The drought put the LCRA in the middle of battles involving Austin, Corpus Christi, and Bay City.  The good news?  They're breaking ground on an important reservoir this week.  More here.

According to a Sept. 17 news release, the LCRA Board of Directors “took historic action to expand and protect the water supply of the lower Colorado River basin.” That action included giving final approval to the 40,000 acre-foot off-channel reservoir near Lane City. According to the release, the reservoir could be filled several times a year, adding up to 90,000 acre-feet of firm water to the region’s supply.

The new Tenaris plant near Van Vleck will provide a big boost to the county economy.

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So, things are looking up!  Kind of like Elton...

Swimming news?  Yeah, there's been some.

Lifetime Fitness in Austin needs a head coach.  Info here.

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I sure hope this doesn't happen.  The IOC says synchro might be on the chopping block.  More here.

Synchronised swimming, one of the sports under a FINA umbrella that now stretches to six disciplines including five in the Olympic realm, is on a “fit for removal” list among Games bosses considering replacements they feel more in keeping with popularity in the 21st Century.

The City of Grapevine needs an assistant pool manager.

Junior Nationals psych sheet is here.  More info (to eventually include a link to results) is here.

Rice vs. A&M (W)

Big Cat Invite

The Woodlands vs. Kingwood (JV)


FCST 10 & Under

CFSC Fall Champs

MARC Fall Champs



AQTX Tuesday Night Races

McMurry vs. Austin College

UALR Christmas Invite (Day 1)

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UALR Christmas Invite (Day 3)

Reindeer Games

Belton End of Year

Hoot and Holler

Burnet Winter Classic


completelyconquered said...

Elton John is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Exowlswimmer, I still refuses to register with Button, who I trust more than the jackboots.

Good for Lane City and the East Wharton County rice farmers (go rice?) get that water that the thirsty Travis county crowd hoards!

Had to commute to Matagorda County to find water to swim year round pre Button.

Button said...

i landed in b.c. in '89. throughout the 90's, we had kids coming in from wharton, el campo, lake jackson, and angleton areas to train with our group.

went by the pool yesterday during 'prime time' and there wasn't anyone there. a real shame. it was such a nice day to be training outdoors in december, but even the locals passed...

Button said...

that's right, cc.

would also be answer to question 'who should sing this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktgbMA5Cxqk ?'