Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Top ten Texas SCY teams (as of this a.m.) in Virtual Club Champs (w/national rank):

Nitro (7)
The Woodlands (16)
First Colony (26)
Alamo Area (35)
Lakeside (38)
Metroplex (56)
Cypress Fairbanks (65)
Texas Ford (71)
Katy (83)
Rockwall (113)


Irving Swimmers needs an assistant swim coach


Regular readers will recall that throwing around the term revenue sport is just a smokescreen at most schools.  Fact is, very few so-called "revenue" sports actually bring in more money than they spend.

When swimming programs are dumped for "financial reasons" we can usually prove that isn't really the case.  Unfortunately, that logic hasn't gotten us very far, has it?

So, where does that leave foosball programs bleeding red ink?  Read more here.

(via Fansided)

UAB gave in and let the truth set them free - free from a program that was financially ruining the university.  They recently axed a foosball program that brought in nine (9) million bucks annually - while spending twenty-seven (27) million.

It doesn't take a mathlete to see foosball wasn't even close to being a revenue sport there, right?

Instead of seeing schools dumping foosball, I'd much rather see them retain their programs while cutting back on the insane spending.  

Contrast the UAB experience to Ohio University, where we have some experience. Like UAB, it has a so-so football team (6-6 record) and considers a game with 15,000 attending to be pretty typical, despite its stadium capacity of 24,000. Like UAB, it plays in the shadow of a football powerhouse that regularly draws over 100,000 to its games, currently fourth-ranked Ohio State, playing UAB’s sister school Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Like UAB, OU is forced to subsidize intercollegiate sports to the tune of about $18 million a year – again, nearly $1,000 for each of its roughly 20,000 students on the Athens campus (partially disguised as part of a “student activity fee”). Both universities have medical schools. The institutional similarities are striking.

Each OU student pays nearly a grand a year so the school can fund a team with a bloated roster of 118 players and 23 coaches?  That's just D-U-M dumb!  Is there anyone in that administration that could pass Logic 101?

So, we've got the money argument covered.  What about the "not competitive" argument often used to axe some sports while saving others?

Great little reminder:

Many university presidents fail to recognize the Iron Law of Sports: when someone wins a game, someone else loses. It is impossible for a large portion of schools to achieve primacy in any given sport.

Again, just do the math...reasons for dropping our sport just aren't adding up, are they?


Brownsville TISCA

Frisco TISCA



Lewisville Invite

16-6A JV District

Conroe/Oak Ridge/Dulles

Linda Price-Applewick Memorial

NTN BB & Under

TTST 8 & Under

AAAA BB & Under

TXLA Jingle Bell Splash

SASA Tis the Season

HCAP Fall Champs

Nitro Pick 5 November Splash


We'll learn Jack Bauerle's "sentence" today when the NCAA releases their findings.  More here.

The NCAA also alleged that Bauerle “carried out his plan…despite repeated instructions from athletics department personnel not to proceed in this manner.”

Translation:  Georgia AD Greg McGarity took advantage of the first bus that came along.

Thanks for the heads up, SS!


Time for a Cake Wreck:



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