Monday, July 01, 2013


(via Bradford VTS)

What is wrong with some people?

They know SwimScam steals material from other sites.

They know SwimScam buys "friends" and "followers".

They know SwimScam has a ready, fire, aim mentality.

Still, they gobble up SwimScam's garbage as fast as they can shove it down their danged gullets!

What touched off this rant?  Check out Tony's SCAQ blog for SwimScam's latest round of thievery here.

SwimSwam obviously plagiarized and the person that plagiarized from Swimming World should issue an apology as soon as possible and the article should be taken down with said apology in it's place.'t want to mention any names...but that person's initials are MP...


For purposes of the Stanford University Honor Code, plagiarism is defined as the use, without giving reasonable and appropriate credit to or acknowledging the author or source, of another person's original work, whether such work is made up of code, formulas, ideas, language, research, strategies, writing or other form(s).

via Student Affairs/Stanford

Don't hold your breath for the apology, fans.

About the best you might hope for is what they did on Gold Medal Mel's "article" back in February.  They had posted - word for word - a release from the Virginia SID.

When they were called on it (catch up here), they eventually added "This is an unedited press release".

Some get their news via The Daily Show and keep up with celebs via TMZ. Guess it just makes sense that some folks now get their swimming news via SwimSham...paaaa-danged-thetic!


Anonymous said...

who is listening to you? your blog has about as many readers as flo swimming...keep fighting those windmills Don Quixote

Stanford Honor Code applies to students, not alumni

Stanley Hudson said...

Get the real story about what happened. Isn't quite what you think it is.

Button said...

'Get the real story about what happened. Isn't quite what you think it is.'

do enlighten us, stan!

is the pattern we see over at swimscam just coincidental?

Button said...

Stanford Honor Code applies to students, not alumni'

thanks for that brilliant clarificaton, cpt. obvious...if it made you feel smart for just an instant, i'm happy to have provided you this forum...i wish i could give you that participation ribbon you worked so hard to earn...

Lion King said...

Why don't the flimflammers at swimscam sign a real name with a comment? Are they are so busy stealing stories they can't be bothered with -any- sliver of real honesty?

Classy-looking website, though, gotta admit. Go with bling and glam if integrity is in short supply.

Anonymous said...

SwimSwam, aka The National Swimquirer,should be recognized for what it is. A lightweight,poorly written site that is also entertaining with a quick story turnover to keep readers clicking back several times a day. Mel and Braden will never be confused with actual reporters but they do fill an entertainment niche in swimming, kind of like TMZ or Perez Hilton.As long as nobody takes them seriously, they are harmless. I personally look forward to Mel "THE STARMAKER' Stewert's fluff pieces on who the next superstar is.