Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anatomy of a Failed Cover-Up

(via Tor's Take)

The Rutgers Dodgeball scandal (in more detail) is here.

Pernetti and Purcaro met numerous times with Wolf and sometimes with outside counsel in late November and early December and decided they didn’t have legal cause to fire Rice, though Wolf never advised them that was the case. But Purcaro, the report says, still believed Rice should be fired “for cause.” (While Barchi maintained even after he fired Rice that he didn’t have legal cause to do so, a close reading of Rice’s contract suggests otherwise.)

Instead, Pernetti devised the following plan, on which he briefed Barchi: suspend Rice without pay for 10 games, mandate anger management for the coach, and tack an addendum onto his contract “stating that Coach Rice would be terminated for cause if specific incidents occurred.”

But Rice and his lawyer “reacted negatively” to the suspension, and later that day Pernetti finalized a more expensive but less visible punishment: a three-game suspension without pay, a $50,000 fine, mandatory anger management training, a daily practice monitor paid for by Rice, and a “zero tolerance probationary period” for the entire season.


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