Thursday, July 18, 2013

Skipper & Gilligan Not Included

If you're in California for the US Open and/or Junior Nationals, you might want to go on the USA Swimming Foundation's Gold Medal Cocktail Cruise.  Info here.

You'll get to rub elbows with Cullen Jones, Janet Evans, and Jason Lezak.

Upon arrival at at the Mariners Mile Marina in Newport Harbor - Newport Beach, Calif. you'll be welcomed with a chilled glass of bubbly champagne by the staff and crew of the Mojo. A keepsake photo will be taken as you step aboard the sleek and sensational "Mojo" a 100-foot, custom designed Ditmar Donaldson motor yacht. This elegant, European style yacht has been featured on many televsion shows, including Hells Kitchen, The Bachelor, Date my Mom, For the Love of Ray J, The Tyra Banks Show, Columbo, Baywatch, VIP, and Blind Date.


(via Canada Cool)
Dang!  If it ain't the SS Minner, count me out!


Lion King said...

Sorry, if it's a "three-hour tour", I'm not going!

Button said...

bullcorn...if'n ginger n maryann wus on board, yud go...

Deer Slayer said...

Maryann for sure.