Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What a kick in the gut...

...for any Syracuse swimmers still on campus:

The school intends to have the entire university "share" the athletic department's "pain" for leaving the Big East Conference.  That exit fee is $7.5 million.  Read more here and here.

The university’s trustees say the cost of the Big East exit fee should be shared by the whole university - every school, every revenue-generating entity such as its office of housing and meal plan, as well as the athletics department.

Yes, Dr. Daryl Gross is still in charge of athletics at SU.  Yes, he's still running the athletic program into the ground.

He replaced men's and women's swimming with women's ice hockey.

They've imported six (6) Canadian women and have only four (4) New Yorkers on their roster of seventeen (17).

Women's ice hockey isn't an Atlantic Coast Conference sport.  The program bleeds red ink.

The good news?  Attendance for the 2013-14 season is expected to rise into the dozens...

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