Sunday, May 05, 2013

Men's Track Programs Continue to Fall

Another men's track program is biting the dust.  Carolina Coastal will discontinue their men's track and cross country programs after the 2013-14 seasons.  Read more here.

(via Carolina Coastal Twitter)

They say it's about the money, but y'all know it isn't.  They could have an across the board budget cut that would mean all sports share a little of the "pain".  Instead, they'll dump the male runners.  Why?

Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek, a.k.a. Mr. Disinformation, said:

Well, the [Board of Trustees] didn’t announce these million dollars in reductions until we were well into the process of women’s lacrosse. … So that got us in compliance with Prong 2 of Title IX, which is continuing to grow the opportunities for the underrepresented sex. The university would like to be in compliance with Title IX Prong 1, which is proportionality.

Would like to?  Yurachek wants to satisfy more than one prong?  Really?  What in the world is he thinking?

If this is the kind of "thinking" that's going on in the athletic departments around the country, male athletes will soon be declared an endangered species.

“Right now, the university’s enrollment is 54 percent female, 46 percent male, and in order to be in compliance with Title IX Prong 1 we have to be [offering] 54 percent female opportunities within the athletic department, 46 percent male. We were closer to 50-50 roughly after the addition of women’s lacrosse, so a secondary piece of this will get us – when we get into the 2014-15 season – in compliance with Title IX Prong 1.”

Again, it's not about the money...

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