Friday, May 10, 2013

Triathlon's Potential for "Emerging" Status

The Committee on Women’s Athletics is asking all three NCAA divisions to submit proposals in the 2013-14 legislative cycle to add triathlon as an emerging sport for women.

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(via USA Triathlon)

To achieve championship-sport status, emerging sports must gain at least 40 varsity NCAA programs for individual and team sports (except in Division III where 28 varsity programs are required for team sports) within 10 years or show steady progress toward that goal. Institutions are allowed to use emerging sports to help meet minimum sports-sponsorship requirements. Divisions I and II schools can use emerging sports to meet minimum financial aid requirements as well. Women’s ice hockey, women’s bowling, women’s water polo and women’s rowing are examples of sports that successfully achieved championship status after starting out as emerging sports.

Advocates for triathlon believe the sport is a natural fit for colleges and universities. More than 150 club programs already exist on campuses throughout the country.

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