Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Red Ink in New Mexico Athletics

(via UNM)

Some students at University of New Mexico are protesting another fee increase used to support Lobo athletics.  Read more here.

Like most universities, New Mexico is consistently operating its athletics department at a deficit. (Despite operating revenues in the tens or even hundreds of millions, only about 22 Division I athletic programs turn a profit.)

By the way, UNM no longer sponsors men's swimming.  Title IX gender quotas are the reason.  Don't let them phonies try telling y'all it's about money, 'cause it ain't!

Call them out when they try to label different sports as "revenue" or "non-revenue", 'cause almost every single athletic team at almost every single college in the USA costs more to support than any revenue it happens to generate.

It never ceases to amaze me that administrators are able to dump inexpensive sports like men's swimming (while maintaining a women's program) to satisfy proportionality issues, then get away with claiming it was a budget problem that forced them to drop a "non-revenue" sport in order to help their remaining sports to "stay competitive"...and John Q. Public doesn't even question it...

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