Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Tried to Warn Y'all

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While working toward their law degrees, are students taking courses like Title IX Distortion 101 or Misapplication of Gender Equity Laws 301?  How about graduate work in Title IX Shakedowns?

Lawyers seem to be coming up with new, idiotic ways of using the gender equity law to screw up education at all levels.

Seems a feminist lawyer has now seen the light.  Read Judith Grossman's Wall Street Journal op-ed here.

In fact, Title IX, that so-called guarantor of equality between the sexes on college campuses, and as applied by a recent directive from the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, has obliterated the presumption of innocence that is so foundational to our traditions of justice. On today's college campuses, neither "beyond a reasonable doubt," nor even the lesser "by clear and convincing evidence" standard of proof is required to establish guilt of sexual misconduct.

" guarantor of equality between the sexes..." - well done Judith, well done.

Who knew that American college students are required to surrender the Bill of Rights at the campus gates?

Welcome to our world, Judith.  Public educators are expected to do the same.

I fear that in the current climate the goal of "women's rights," with the compliance of politically motivated government policy and the tacit complicity of college administrators, runs the risk of grounding our most cherished institutions in a veritable snake pit of injustice—not unlike the very injustices the movement itself has for so long sought to correct. Unbridled feminist orthodoxy is no more the answer than are attitudes and policies that victimize the victim.

Looks like she'll be kicked out of the "club" for that last comment...

Thanks for the heads up, CE!

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