Thursday, April 04, 2013

Into the blender it all goes...

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Aussie distance legend Kieren Perkins sure is unhappy with his country's national team.  Read more here.

“Grow up a little bit and get on with the job that they're there to do, which is to be the world's best athletes not celebrity show ponies.”

Had some fun in morning workout today.  We raced a 1200 "put it on" freestyle pull, by 200's.  First 200 was w/o any gear.  From then on, swimmers were to add each of the following five (in any order they chose):  paddles, buoy, snorkel, shoes, & pocket suit.  Exchanges were entertaining.  Kids felt (and looked) like they were in slow motion on last 200.

We kept the gear on and raced a 600 "take it off" freestyle pull, by 100's.  They took off a piece of gear at each 100 and finished with a fast 100 w/o gear.

The latest in monofin technology:

Read more here.

Ever go out waaaaaaay too fast in a looooooooong race?  Here's the conversation I like to have:

Me:  Toward the end, did you feel like you were towing an anvil that was locked in a safe in the back of a cement truck being driven by a piano-playing elephant?

Swimmer:  (sort of smiling) Yeah...

Real time results:

YMCA SC Nationals

NASA Showcase Classic

Psych sheet:

USMS South Zone Champs

Have to keep reminding swimmers that when I'm asking for a 90% effort on something, that means 90% exertion but still 100% technique...

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