Monday, April 22, 2013


When I first saw the headline for this thump-thump article, I wondered how it could be called Midnight Madness if it started at oh say, 11:30.  First paragraph got me on track.  Read it here.

Joseph Stanton had a tough day yesterday and is in ICU.  Prayers for him and his family.  Read latest here.

Outgoing UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp had some candid remarks on who's supposed to control - but really doesn't - athletics at most NCAA-member institutions.  Read it here.

"Presidential control was supposed to produce less corruption, make it easier to make rules, reduce escalation of money in college sports, give academics the ability to change college sports," he said Friday here on the UNC campus. "It's almost hard to keep from laughing when you say those things, because obviously, it hasn't worked."

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GWG's follerin' up his induction into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame with a trip to Israel.  Keep up on Twitter here.

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Mixed reviews (of course) on Ryan Lochte's new show.  One thing's for certain, the guy's never going to have to work for a living after swimming.  Visit his official site here.

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Mullet on the go?  Yeah...might just get me one a them.

In case you've not seen it yet, here's Neil Diamond at Fenway:

WHAT Last Spring Fling

Rice Double Up

TXLA Long Course Kickoff

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2013 Cap2K preview at Fit City here.  Get more info and register for May 4 event here.

Spring Has Sprung

CCAA Unclassified

AAAA Lone Star Challenge

BAS Kickoff

Madison Area Technical College is adding women's soccer to bring their gender quota numbers in line.  Read more here.

Good to see a sport added.  Just keep in mind that increasing opportunities doesn't always increase participation.

If they don't get enough gals to play, will their next step be to ax men's soccer?

The proportionality crowd would certainly demand it...and double-speak administrators could find ways to justify it...the guys went 1-15 in 2012 and their coach resigned after just one season at the helm...


Anonymous said...

Button, are you swimming the Cap2K...

Button said...

no, not swimming cap2k. considering doing highland lakes challenge in october, though.