Sunday, August 05, 2012

Would USA Swimming ever use...

...the NCAA/PSU model for penalizing a club program?

Penn State University football has forfeited wins, been banned from the post season, agreed to pay a steep fine, been slapped with recruiting restrictions, and their players have become (to use the pro sports term) unrestricted free agents.

If a USA Swimming club program covered up abuse by one of its coaches, could/would USA Swimming take similar steps to penalize a team?

Wins - Could/would USA Swimming attempt to take away national, junior national, sectional, etc. team championships?

Doubt it.

Post Season

Could/would USA Swimming ban a program from Grand Prix, Sectional, National, etc. competitions?



Could/would USA Swimming hit an offending club with a big fine?

Doubt it.

Recruiting (in)

Could/would USA Swimming put a "hold" on a team's new & transfer swimmer registrations?


Recruiting (out)

Could/would USA Swimming allow transfers from an offending swim club to be immediately eligible to swim for another club?

Could/would USA Swimming allow other swim clubs to openly recruit athletes from an offending club?

Hope so.

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