Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quote of the Day

I am patient with stupidity but not
with those who are proud of it.

Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell


Deer Slayer said...

Kinda ironic Quote of the Day huh???

Lion King said...

Deer Slayer, you stole my thunder, dang you!

Based on the "final letter" comment, I'm reminded of these movie lines:

Animal House: "Please, sir, may I have another?"

Oliver Twist (or some other Dickens movie): "Please, sire, may I have more [gruel]?"

Not only "Where did the love go?", but "Where did the spine go???"


Button said...

it's tisca, not tidca...

Anonymous said...

Who is replacing Penny?

Button said...

according to the 'line of succession' tisca has followed in recent years, the job would go to nancy moore of burnet high school.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it is not well known that any member in good standing can be nominated For a board position at the general mtg. If you have somebody in mind, you can nominate them on the spot. That said, if anyone wonders how the Tisca machine runs, they should attend a Thursday board mtg in person.

I'm assuming that's why Mr. Button put the quotationarks in "line of succession"

Lion King said...

Just fyi, I found the previous quote from Tony Stewart also apropos, regarding recent TISCA 'leadership' and previous leadership from Matt and Patrick. They were like Stewart. Recently it seems the uil has been winning through intimidation via refusal to follow nfhs rules. "Hey, we're the uil, we don't have to follow any rules we don't like. Or understand. Or which would make our previous decisions look stupid. Or whatever." And our TISCA board and leadership has not stood up for our athletes and coaches and sport.

Whatever. In the process of flaming out with not even a gasp, or even a notice. Why doesn't anyone care anymore?