Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Relays Still at Risk

The NFHS has made changes to Appendix B in the swimming rule book, but the folks at the UIL aren't budging.  Read more here.

The “suggested” protocol for the use of electronic relay take off pads in Appendix B has been altered. However, for the forthcoming competition season, the established UIL protocol will be used.
That's right, fans.  The mess created when we had Appendix B shoved down our throats a few years ago still hasn't been corrected here in Texas!

Pressured last year by high school coaches, the UIL (almost) met us in the middle.  Catch up
here (Article II).

In her final letter to
coaches as TISCA president (read it here), Lubbock ISD diving coach Penny DiPomazio let swim coaches know where they stand:

The NFHS has made some clarifications concerning rules. These clarifications will be posted on the TISCA website and are also available at the end of this letter. If you still have some questions concerning rules please contact Frank Swigon for swimming or me for diving.

Thank you for your support..


Anonymous said...

in what way was the appendix altered - a good way?

Button said...

yes, it was reworded so the system can save a relay if two officials make a dq call but the pad/take-off platform show it was legal.

If the electronic relay judging equipment indicates values of 0.00 through +0.09 seconds there shall not be a rules violation, and the observations of the takeoff judges is not considered.

Anonymous said...

So if that is the NFHS rules then why would UIL go against it?

Button said...

doesn't make sense, does it?

do they ignore nfhs rules/changes in other sports?