Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Weeks


We've had a wonderful two weeks away from each other, haven't we?

Guess I'll ruin it with a few new posts.  Sorry.

We did a charity swim across the lake back home.  It wasn't supposed to be a race, but you know how that goes, right?  First three across the lake were Bobby, Leon, and myself.

Bobby's kayaker was Lloyd Peterson.  He's an ocean kayaker who used to paddle off the coast of California.  His was the only kayak with a "Holstein" theme.

Leon's kayaker was Eddie Saeger (84 years young).  Ed's son, Rich (SMU/'86), won gold as a member of the 800 free relay in the '84 Los Angeles Games.

Check out Ed's ultra-cool wooden "boat".  The coolest kayak on Canandaigua Lake:


Deer Slayer said...

I like it....

Button said...

p.s. i'd brought gifts for our kayakers, but ed declined. they were texas swimming shirts. hahahaha.