Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spinning Out of Control

In addition to being an expert on Title IX, Erin Buzuvis is also a top-notch "spinner".  Read more here.

The law definitely struggles with an image problem, because when universities do have to cap or curtail men's opportunities, there's this sort of easy story that, "Well, it’s because of Title IX that we had to do this." While I believe that is a misleading statement, it is a story that gets told.

Enlighten us then, Erin. Why, when budget cuts are made, do men's sports like wrestling, gymnastics, swimming, track, etc. take the hits?

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Lion King said...

When the libbers and feminazis and wsf-ers admit that Title ix -is- the reason men's sports get disproportionately hit, you will see a news report the next day quoting the current president as admitting that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't up to the job.

In other words, NEVER.

Just sayin'...